DOQL additions and optimized netflow processing in v15.01.00

We are excited to announce general availability of Device42 v15.01.00 with the following changes:


Object Category DOQL View

We expanded DOQL support to include a new view for object categories, namely, view_objectcategory_v1. Along with the new view, we also added its FK relationship, objectcategory_fk, to the following views: view_pdu_v1, view_asset_v1 and view_device_v1.  Please note that these three views previously included devicecategory_fk which has been deprecated and this column will now always return <null>.


Last Modification Date Added to view_netport_v1

We expanded the view_netport_v1 DOQL view to include the Last_Changed value for the netport record.


Cloud Instance DOQL View

We also expanded DOQL to include a new view for cloud instances, namely, view_cloudinstance_v1.


Performance Improvements to Netflow

In this release, we made changes to netflow that improve its performance on larger datasets. Netflow now utilizes data compression to reduce the data transmitted by a factor of 10, while the process memory footprint has also been decreased by utilizing the hard disk to stash temporary data while processing.


Bug Fixes

  • SNMP discovery does not support phased inputs for Raritan PX2. Fixed.
  • Google cloud discovery could fail with a ‘disk object’ error. Fixed
  • Dell warranty discovery could fail with a ‘ship date’ error. Fixed
  • Windows job name format property was not being applied during auto-discovery. Fixed.
  • QR codes could fail with a permission error after migration to v15.00.00. Fixed.
  • Advanced reporting could fail in some TLS settings. Fixed.


Latest Device42 Update

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