Attach CIs to ZenDesk ITSM Tickets, Create ZenDesk Tickets from Device42!

The new Device42-ZenDesk integration offers more flexibility, plus new features you’re sure to love! You can now create new ZenDesk tickets directly from Device42, you can view CIs and their details from ZenDesk tickets, and you can also create new Device42 CIs from right within ZenDesk!

Create new ZenDesk tickets without leaving Device42!

Device42 Add ZenDesk Ticket

Scroll down to the “ZenDesk” section on any CI to view existing ITSM tickets for that device as well, or to attach an existing one. Click “Add ZenDesk Ticket” to create a brand new one!

View ZenDesk Tickets from Device42

Attach Device42 CIs to ITSM tickets within ZenDesk!

Zendesk Attach CI

Other new features:

  • Secure token authentication. Tokens are securely generated and can be easily revoked at any time to de-authenticate the add-on. Your credentials stay local, and stay safe!
  • Assign/attach an unlimited number of CIs to each ticket.
  • The Device42-ZenDesk integration now supports ALL CIs present in Device42!
  • Simple installation from the ZenDesk Marketplace.


Find the new integration in the ZenDesk Marketplace!

Add the integration to your Zendesk instance by visiting our listing on the ZenDesk marketplace and clicking “Install”:

ZenDesk Marketplace D42 Integration App


Install the new Device42-ZenDesk integration today for better ITSM!




Looking for a different integration by Device42? Check out our large selection of out-of-the-box integrations! If you aren’t already a Device42 user, grab a 30-day free trial!

Question or comment? Email [email protected]. Integration is provided as-is, and without any support.

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