Advanced Device Matching in v15.09.02

We are excited to announce general availability of Device42 v15.09.02 with the following changes:


Advanced Device Matching

v15.09 debuts a powerful new ‘advanced device matching’ algorithm. Based on a proprietary formula, Device42 now evaluates each newly discovered device using name, serial number, UUID, IP & MAC addresses, and more (10+ total data points!). Discovered values are compared to any existing potentially matching values in real-time, supercharging Device42’s automatic device matching and at the same time nearly eliminating false positives.

Should one or more auto-discovered devices not be matched with a high degree of certainty, they are flagged ‘unmatched devices’ and can be found on the “Unprocessed Device Record” page (see image below), highlighting those few that require human follow-up.

Matching aggressiveness is furthermore tunable to ensure best performance in a given environment, no matter the present state of organization or the naming / deployment conventions in use. Most will choose to stick with the “Moderate” (the default) matching aggressiveness level, however, should you be operating Device42 in an unknown environment, or would simply prefer Device42 to match less aggressively, choose the “Conservative” matching setting. Matching aggressiveness can be tuned at any time; simply head to the settings menu and set your preferred matching level.

Device Match Aggressiveness


IP and MAC addresses in unprocessed device records

We have added additional address fields to the Unprocessed device records to help you make it easier to decide whether to merge or create a new device. Simply head to the Discovery menu –> Unprocessed Device Records and you’ll see a list of any devices that need attention:

View unprocessed device records


Link to parent added to service port client IP stats

We’ve also added a link back to the parent service port object on the statistics page.

View service port client IP

Bug fixes

  • Remote collector could open more SSH connections than needed to collect resource utilization. Fixed.
  • Resource utilization data was not properly processed from some SUSE 11 systems. Fixed.
  • Google cloud discovery could produce an error if run locally on D42 main appliance. Fixed.
  • SNMP discovery of some large IP address ranges or CIDR blocks could fail with a timeout. Fixed.
  • Appliance advanced routes were not persisting after reboot. Fixed.
  • Hyper-V job could fail while attempting to process invalid UUIDs.  Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @
*Upgrade Consideration: Due to data migrations required for this release, please expect extended upgrade times on system with large number of Devices. Upgrade may extend to several hours.
If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a 30-day free trial!

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