HBA Support on AIX/UX, SNMP Additions in v15.10.01

We are excited to announce general availability of Device42 v15.10.01 with the following changes:


SNMP support

SNMP support has been newly added for or enhanced on the following devices:

  • HP Hyper-Converged 250 components
  • Chatsworth eConnect PDU
  • HP DL380 Gen9 iLO components
  • Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS)
  • FAS2552 Storage Arrays
  • Dell PowerEdge components and power information


Login webhooks

We have added an option that allows users to enable webhook actions on login events:

Add login webhook action


Download secret keys

As of Device42 v15.10.01, users may now download the key file for any secret(s) that user is permitted to access. Of course, this feature only applies to normal secrets – Passwords stored as burnt secrets are, by design, non-retrievable and can therefore only be reset.

Download Secret Key


Do not propagate device permissions

We’ve added a “Do not propagate” setting to Hypervisor/*nix/win auto-discoveries that will prevent permissions propagating to newly discovered devices. This option can be useful in cases where virtual machines could migrate between virtual hosts, each of which has more than one different object category.

Do not propagate device permissions


Automatic scheduled restores from Amazon S3

We have added the ability to automatically restore D42 database onto your standby appliance from an S3 bucket.

Auto-restore D42 appliance backup from S3


VLAN bulk actions

Users will find a new bulk action, “Add/Delete Group”, on the VLAN list screen — This option should be helpful to speed up common VLAN management tasks.

VLANs Actions dropdown


HBA Support on AIX and HP-UX

Auto-discovery will now agentlessly discover and import details for HBA cards on both HP-UX and AIX-based server hardware.

API enhancements

  • The parameters clear_vlan_ids and clear_vlans were added to /api/1.0/switchports/ endpoint, which facilitate removal of VLANs from switch ports.
  • The tags and tags_remove parameter was added to the /api/1.0/racks/ endpoint to allow API-based management of rack tags.
  • Users can now create and/or update UCS/ACI/F5 jobs via the new /api/1.0/auto_discovery/ucs/ endpoint – Matching import/exports were also added.
  • The clear_notes parameter was added to all custom field APIs, e.g. /api/1.0/device/custom_fields/ – use this API endpoint to clear notes on a field.


Bug fixes

  • The Edit hardware model page could take a long time to load on instances with a large number of part models. Fixed.
  • Cisco UCS discovery could fail if your UCS is configured only to support TLS 1.2. Fixed.
  • Importing racks could fail on racks with row text longer than 10 characters. Fixed.
  • Attempting to show a prior password could result in an error being displayed. Fixed.
  • The API endpoint /api/1.0/ips/ would not allow creation of IP addresses on the Fixed.
  • Mouse over information was not always appearing in Impact Lists. Fixed.
  • Scheduled jobs could stop working if the Celery DB file grew too large. Fixed.
  • Tag filters could show tags that were not relevant to the listed objects. Fixed.
  • Racks might not show the correct color to properly reflect full size in room layout.  Fixed.
  • Rack XLS import could fail to rename a rack if the start row or column have non-decimal values. Fixed.
  • Raised floor setting was disabling the height value. Fixed.
  • SNMP discovery could overwrite existing object categories. Fixed.
  • Affinity Groups might render slowly if duplicate nodes exist in data.  Fixed.


Latest Device42 update:

Current customers, grab the latest update file @
*Upgrade Consideration: Due to data migrations required for this release, please expect extended upgrade times on system with large number Affinity Groups. Upgrade may extend to several hours.
If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a 30-day free trial!

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