DOQL Parameters, General Enhancements in v15.10.03

We are excited to announce general availability of Device42 v15.10.03 with the following changes:


Parameterized saved DOQL

We have added the ability for you to define query parameters within your saved queries, which Device42 will then prompt you to provide the value for at runtime. This increases the usability of your queries because filters don’t always have to be hardcoded. Once defined, you can then provide all desired parameters in your URL. Note that parameters are always bound as strings, so if you need to cast, you have the option to use PostgreSQLs casting syntax as in the example below.


edit parameterized doql


Backup and restores for S3-compatible endpoints

This release adds support for backup and restoration of D42 databases to and from any S3-compatible endpoints.


Vendor custom fields

Custom fields have been added to the vendor object. In addition, we’ve added custom field support to both relevant API endpoints, as well as import/export functionality. Vendor custom fields will appear at the bottom of CI details screen:

vendor custom field


Clean-up child ports of a physical ports

D42 will now automatically clean up all the ‘child ports’ of physical ports when that physical ‘parent port’ is deleted from a device.  This is useful if you if have one or more physical ports split into multiple logical ports.


Telco circuit expiration date

We’ve added a field that can be used to track the expiration date of your telco circuits. The expiration date parameter has also been added to the relevant API endpoints, and to import/export.


UI enhancements

We have added some minor UI enhancements

  • Life-cycle names are now sorted in the event picklist
  • Port names are now sorted on the Devices view
  • Power unit port names are now sorted on the Power Unit view
  • The size limit on the Certificate Subject Alternative Name (C-SAN) field has been removed


API enhancements

  • Added discovery_target to DOQL view view_discoveryquality_v1
  • Added sub_type to DOQL view view_device_v1
  • Added total_count to the API endpoint /api/1.0/macs/


Bug fixes

  • Auto-suggest did not return results for end user-related custom fields. Fixed.
  • Upgrade could be aborted prematurely if another SSH session attempts to restart the process. Fixed.
  • Lenovo warranty sync may fail with an “unable to load json log” message. Fixed.
  • Local discovery jobs were not checking the proper server field count limits when using CIDR- and IP-ranges. Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a 30-day free trial!

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