SenecaGlobal & Device42 Launch Cloud Strategy & Economics Workshop to Help Companies Evaluate Cloud Readiness

Device42 has partnered with SenecaGlobal to guide companies along their cloud journeys with discovery & asset inventory management technology, tools, and processes.


OAK BROOK, Ill., JULY 30, 2018 – SenecaGlobal, one of the world’s fastest-growing global IT outsourcing companies and a leader in cloud solutions announced today the availability of a new Cloud Strategy & Economics Workshop. The Workshop offers companies a finite and structured format for evaluating cloud strategies and reviewing progress related to cloud initiatives.

“Over and over, we hear from clients that they are eager to get their cloud migration started but many are hesitant because of a lack of solid strategy or initial business case,” says Eric Crump, VP, Global Cloud, and Managed Services, SenecaGlobal. “In this Workshop, cloud experts will lead client teams through a strategic process to access and analyze their data specifically to address those big questions.”


Customized Workshop engagements will help organizations:

  • Clear through the market confusion around true cost and economic value of enterprise cloud solutions based on specific environments and IT assets;

  • Determine how to assess IT real estate and understand how “cloud ready” the assets are;

  • Establish the best approach to rapidly, cost-effectively, and safely implement new technology initiatives and services, and run through a defined test case simulating a complete journey to the cloud.

The Cloud Strategy and Economics Workshop harnesses SenecaGlobal’s enterprise cloud experience and proprietary Cloud Journey methodology and rapid rationalization approach powered by Device42’s proven and industry-leading discovery technology. “The Journey to Cloud starts with the ‘You are here’ dot on the map. Device42 provides an automated, accurate, and detailed view of your application infrastructure.” Says Raj Jalan, CEO of Device42. “That situational awareness, in the expert hands of SenecaGlobal, enables customers to transform their operations with confidence.”

Organizations that participate in a Cloud Strategy & Economics Workshop will focus on achieving three milestones:

  1. Instrument & data collection on up to 300 servers
  2. Unique and custom analysis
  3. Specific and strategic execution plan

The typical Workshop is two to four weeks depending on the environment and data required. Instrumentation rapidly deployed begins collecting data immediately. Once the data is collected and evaluated, the project culminates in a 2-day workshop at the client site where the results and recommendations are presented, showing the client’s strategic cloud journey, proposed cloud architecture, TCO and economic business case. The simulation illustrates the full cloud journey for a particular set of IT assets.

The Cloud Strategy and Economics Workshop also provides a foundation for future state architecture, including economics and plans. For now, this service is offered on a fixed cost basis and participating companies may apply the investment to a future cloud project with SenecaGlobal. A more detailed description of SenecaGlobal’s industry-leading approach to the Cloud, with its proprietary Client Cloud Journey, can be found here.

About SenecaGlobal

Founded in 2007, SenecaGlobal is a global leader in outsourced technology services and advisory. The company positions its customers to achieve their digital transformation goals, through custom software and application development, cloud migration and management, IT support and help desk services, and more. SenecaGlobal has five office locations throughout the world, including a management, sales, and delivery center in Chicago, a software development and testing center in Hyderabad, India, and three regional offices in Hartford, Connecticut, Atlanta, Georgia, and London, UK that collectively employ more than 300 team members. To learn more about SenecaGlobal, please visit at WebsiteFacebook, or LinkedIn

For more information, please contact: Ron Lavery.

About Device42

Device42 Inc., delivers software that helps organizations large and small automatically discover and manage IP-based physical, virtual, and cloud-based application infrastructure in support of digital transformation, IT automation, and DevOps adoption. As a global leader in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and DCIM Software Marketplace, Device42 provides customers with understanding and advanced visualization of their infrastructure and its inter-dependencies and centralizes data center knowledge into a single source of truthmaking IT ecosystems clearly visible, understandable, and controllable.

From its inception in 2011, Device42 has listened closely to customer needs and designed solutions that exceed customer expectations. As a result, a rapidly growing number of companies of all shapes and sizes use Device42 in over 50 countries. For more information, contact: Ryan.

To learn more about SenecaGlobal, visit their Website.

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