Jira Service Desk Integration and more in v15.11.01

We are excited to announce general availability of Device42 v15.11.01 with the following changes:


Jira Service Desk Integration Support

We have done a full revamp of our prior Jira Cloud integration to support Jira Service Desk!  Note that this upgrade requires an update for both the Device42 main appliance and the Device42 Jira Connect Application and older versions of each product are not backwards compatible – you will need to update both to take advantage of the Jira Asset Platform!  This major upgrade does require some migration of existing associated tickets as that relationship is now kept within Jira system.  To migrate your existing ticket association, please contact support.

Application components in Affinity Groups and more

We have added support to render any applicable Application Components on Affinity Groups, helping you to identify all the services that matter to you.  We have also added the following features:

  • Flag added to Service Instances named “Ignore Client Connections” that can be used to ignore any connections from undiscovered IPs.  This is particularly useful for removing transient client communication into Web servers that would otherwise create frequent updates to your Affinity Groups
  • Custom field support added to Affinity Groups
  • Tags support added to Affinity Groups
  • Affinity Group list page now contains the primary device and the number of devices for each Affinity Group

Impact Example

Alteon load balancer support

We have added support to discover Alteon Load Balancers.  Discovery can be configured in Discovery> UCS/ACI/Load Balancers by selecting the platform Alteon.

Alteon load balancer support


Bug fixes

  • Discovery job import may fail if overwrite_object_categories is set to 0.  Fixed.
  • Child port of physical ports are not getting deleted if delete was initiated on parent part. Fixed.
  • Appliance might report disk space warning due to large PostgreSQL log files.  Fixed.
  • NTP time sync may continue to contact default NTP endpoint. Fixed.
  • Dell Warranty Sync may fail if using Sandbox endpoint which has been deprecated by DELL.  Fixed.
  • Dell Warranty Sync job may fail while saving.  Fixed.
  • Routes may not persist after appliance reboot if first route has been deleted.  Fixed.
  • Merge vendors may fail if vendors contain duplicate software.  Fixed.
  • Mount point may show incorrect size on device page.  Fixed.
  • Suggest subnet may suggest subnet already in use in some circumstances.  Fixed.
  • DOQL view not updated after removal of custom field.  Fixed.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a 30-day free trial!


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