To Affinity and Beyond in v15.11.02

We are excited to announce general availability of Device42 v15.11.02 with the following changes:

Enhanced affinity groups, now with application component service connections

In the prior release, Affinity Groups was enhanced with the ability to display application components.  This release further expands on these capabilities, and along with all services within a given application component, you can see all relevant connections to those services [e.g. you can now see client devices connecting to the Apache HTTP server instance, blue square]:

Impact DB enhanced affinity group example


SNMP enhancements

This release adds SNMP discovery support for some new hardware, as well as a brand new SNMP discovery feature – users may now choose to ignore target devices by specifying the operating systems to ignore, seperating each with a comma:

SNMP OS to ignore field

The following hardware is supported in v15.11.02:

  • Cumulus switches
  • HP 1810 Switches
  • APC Symmetra support
  • Arista switches, support for IPv6 addresses

Wondering if your hardware is supported? Look for your hardware vendor on our “Vendors supported by SNMP Auto-discovery” page, and if we don’t happen to support a device you’d like to see supported, send a note (preferably with an SNMPwalk) to [email protected]

API updates

The API received enhancements in this release, as well. The line_devices_id endpoint can now speak CSV, DOQL error messages were improved, and more:

  • Added support to provide a list (CSV) of device ids using parameter line_devices_id in /api/1.0/purchases/ endpoint
  • DOQL error messages are now returned in the requested output_type
  • DNS Zone auto-discovery job import/export added
  • Filter IP settings have been added to SNMP auto-discovery job import/export


Bug fixes

  • Empty Application Component created if excel import contained an empty depends on list for Application Component import. Fixed.
  • Google cloud discovery could fail if no image data was retrieved. Fixed.
  • AS400 discovery log could report lack of lib64/ version information. Fixed.
  • Audit log page could become unresponsive when dealing with large datasets. Fixed.
  • Room layout could fail to save settings without providing an error. Fixed.
  • Advanced reporting could fail to send a scheduled report when configured to use an SMTP relay without credentials. Fixed.
  • DOQL queries that contain the % character could fail to execute. Fixed.
  • DOQL queries could fail when executed by non-super users. Fixed.
  • Cloud recommendation data output did not include devices with resource utilization in the regular inventory tab. Fixed.
  • Device topology chart was not displaying server connections to undiscovered listeners. Fixed.
  • Nginx syslog settings were not being properly applied. Fixed.
  • AWS instance status was not updating when instance was terminated. Fixed.
  • HP warranty sync could generate errors for certain serial numbers. Fixed.
  • Dell warranty sync was not creating purchases if serial option was set to “Returned from vendor”. Fixed.
  • VMWare 6.7.1 discovery may fail. Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @

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