Cloud Discovery Naming Enhancements in v15.11.06

We are excited to announce the general availability of Device42 v15.11.06 with the following changes:


Cloud discovery device name format

Cloud discovery jobs received an additional option that provides more control over cloud machine names in Device42. With the new Device Name Format option, you have more granular control over the names of your discovered cloud devices, which is especially useful if you have many devices in the cloud with duplicate names.

With this new option, you can pick from “Instance ID + Name” (the default for new jobs), “Instance ID”, and “Name” (legacy default, inherited by upgraded jobs). The “Name” option should only be used if all your machines have unique names. In addition, the only platforms currently supporting this new option are Amazon AWS, Amazon API, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud.

cloud device name format


F5 discovery API support

Load balancer discovery was also enhanced in v15.11.06, now supporting additional versions of the F5 API: ranging from 9.0.0 to 14.0.0+. New F5 auto-discovery jobs can be created from the main menu → Discovery UCS/ACI/Load Balancers, then simply choosing ‘F5’ as the platform option; existing jobs will automatically support all listed F5 API versions as soon as the Device42 update process has been completed.


SNMP changes

  • Added support for Geist Power Units.
  • Added basic support for Hitachi Blade Chassis


Bug fixes

  • SNMP discovery could fail when VLAN names contained control characters. Fixed.
  • The Job Status page could fail to render if the system has >100 running jobs. Fixed.
  • vCenter auto-discovery could fail to add virtual machines if the datastore list was long. Fixed.



Latest Device42 update

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