Enhanced Hypervisor/*nix/Win Discovery UI in v15.11.07

We are excited to announce the general availability of Device42 v15.11.07 with the following changes:

Hypervisor/Windows/*nix discovery page

In this release, the Hypervisors/*nix/Windows discovery add/edit pages were re-imagined. The updated field layout makes navigating job pages simpler, while at the same time reducing clutter. It’s also easier to find the settings you need, as distractions are minimized with optional settings initially collapsed.

By default, the updated layout hides advanced settings fields, showing you only those options which are required to create new discovery jobs; a single click expands the hidden fields:

updated add hypervisor nix win discovery page

Additionally, this release includes predefined list fields for both the ADM and Resource Utilization sampling intervals. The discovery job’s API was also updated to support these new predefined values. Note that when choosing a value via the API, if the input value does not exactly match an existing value, it will be rounded up to the nearest value in the predefined list.

SNMP discovery updates

As of v15.11.07, SNMP Discovery was updated as follows:

  • The discovered firmware version is now stored the as the “OS” for Cisco UCS devices.

  • Basic support for Cisco Acano devices was added.

  • Basic support for RSA IMS devices was added.


Bug fixes

  • AS/400 discovery could fail if target subnets were specified using mixed formats. Fixed, plus improved field help text.
  • Nutanix discovery may fail with ‘Connection Size’ Error. Fixed.
  • SNMP discovery could import Isilon devices as pfSense devices.Fixed.
  • LLDP discovered data errors for Huawei S1700-28GFR-4P-AC switches. Fixed.
  • Blade service status may not be set correctly during SNMP discovery. Fixed.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @
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