Oracle Cloud Discovery in v15.12.00

We are excited to announce the general availability of Device42 v15.12.00 with the following changes:

Oracle Cloud Discovery

With the release of v15.12, Device42 now discovers instances running on the Oracle Cloud service. Create a new Oracle Cloud discovery job by heading to the main menu, Discovery → Cloud, and choosing Cloud Type: Oracle Cloud.
Oracle Cloud Discovery

Enhanced Google Cloud and Azure Cloud discovery

This release includes enhancements to both the Google Cloud and Azure Cloud platform discoveries, both of which will now discover new instance attributes. Google Cloud discovery jobs will now discover instance_name, os_platform, virt_type, service_name, os_platform and image_id (if it exists), while instances on Microsoft Azure will now additionally include instance_name and os_platform.

Auto-clean rules for SSL Certificates

A new auto-clean option was added that makes managing SSL Certificates easier. Certificate auto-clean can help eliminate manual work, automating the removal of old SSL certificates that are no longer being used.

new IPMI naming options

IPMI naming options

A new naming option, ‘Reverse DNS/Discovered Name/Serial #/IP’, was added to the list ‘Hostname to Use’ options. Try out the new options by creating or updating an existing IPMI/Redfish discovery job via the main menu, Discovery → IPMI/Redfish.

SNMP changes

SNMP discovery support was added for the following devices in v15.12:

  • Juniper Cluster SRX345 routers

  • IXIA 5288 network tap devices


Bug fixes

  • SNMP discovery could classify some (non-virtual) Juniper switches as cluster devices. Fixed.
  • SNMP discovery might not correctly update the service status for a blade in certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Version numbers for older releases of SUSE OS may not be discovered correctly. Fixed.
  • When visually editing devices, the edit button could disappear in certain circumstances thus preventing users from saving. Fixed.
  • The connectivity layout might not render PDU ports in the correct order when port names don’t match layout. Fixed.
  • The secrets page might fail to load for non-super users. Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

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