Introducing v15.14.01 beta: Real-time Job Insights & Actionable Discovery Stats

We’re very excited to announce Device42 v15.14.01 beta, which includes a bunch of refinements based on all of your feedback from v15.14.00! We can’t thank you all enough!


It was great to hear the positive feedback around the new jobs dashboard, the revamped jobs status section, new quality scores, and other enhancements introduced in v15.14.00 beta. After listening to everyone’s input, we got right to work implementing suggestions to enhance the next beta. A central focus was the Jobs Dashboard, which got a lot of attention — it now displays just the clear, actionable data you need in an even easier-to-understand format!

D42 v1514 Jobs Dashboard Demo
If you didn’t get a chance to check out v15.14.00, v15.14.01 is even better! It includes everything that was in the last beta, plus refinements.
New features available for preview in the v15.14.x beta:

  • Two-stage discovery, basic & advanced stages:
    get an idea of what a job should discover, fast.
  • Central Jobs Status Dashboard:
    at-a-glance overview of running jobs & more
  • Real-time, actionable discovery job statistics:
    on both the central jobs dash & job status sections
  • Enhanced job edit/view page status:
    see each job’s status right on its job view/edit page
  • All new Discovery Quality Scores:
    completely re-imagined
  • New Periodic Jobs Page:
    quickly view configured RU & SP jobs.
  • …and more!



We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of the v15.14.01 beta. Please leave a comment below, or shoot us an email – [email protected]!


Real-time, actionable insights now available on each job

Job view/edit screen status section
In v15.14.01, the layout of the main Jobs Dashboard was further refined (main menu, Reports → Jobs Dashboard), and while we were at it, we simplified the way discovery job data is presented. You’ll now enjoy a running count of each statistic, each of which is clickable, offering detailed, actionable information.
Data on the job status section of the job edit/view page was simplified, and now shows statistics similar to those on the main Jobs Dashboard. Of course, the data on each job’s view/edit page is only pertinent to that particular job. Each of the statistics above is also a link, offering actionable insight into the progress of your jobs, e.g. clicking the “1” next to ‘Port Check Failed’ will show you which discovery target failed port check, while clicking the “2774” next to ‘Success’ will show you a list of all 2774 discovery targets that were successfully discovered.


The job summary, completed jobs, queue details, and other jobs sub-screens

The Job Status dash also features four sub-screens: the Job Summary screen is likely the one you’re most familiar with, as it’s the first one you see when you visit the dash. Also available is a list of completed jobs, which offer similar information as the Summary screen, minus the status bars since all of the jobs on this screen are complete.


Some may recognize the queue processing stats screen; it can now be found on the jobs dashboard as well, and finally, the “Other Jobs” tab, which displays progress of non-device discovery jobs (periodic jobs like service ports [SP] and resource utilization [RU])
Status Navigation demo


simplified discovery quality scores screen

Updated discovery quality scores

The discovery quality scores section that was introduced in 15.14.00 beta was refined in v15.14.01 beta 2, now with simplified numeric counts representing the number of successful basic inventories, software, services, and applications discovered (see screenshot right). We got feedback that this was the information that was most helpful, offering the clearest picture of what was really going on with each discovery job, and we heard you loud and clear.

Please do continue sharing your thoughts on these enhancements and the beta as a whole, and keep the ideas coming – we love hearing from you, and your input has been crucial to making Device42 what it is today!


Periodic jobs view page

Initially introduced in v15.14.00 beta, don’t forget to check out the new periodic jobs page, either. The Periodic Jobs page offers a quick view of your resource utilization (RU) or Service Port (SP) job configurations, making it easy to know what you have scheduled, and when. The Periodic Jobs page is also the place to go to manage RU and SP discovery jobs – quickly disable or delete one or more of them here. You can get to the Periodic Jobs page from the main menu, Reports –> Periodic Jobs.
View periodic jobs

Known issues in beta


  • Avoid deleting a job while it’s running; this could cause issues.
  • Progress bars are working well for Windows, Linux, and SNMP discovery jobs. Don’t pay much attention to progress bars for other jobs; they’re currently inaccurate.



Try the new Device42 beta today – v15.14.01 is the easiest Device42 yet! Download now to quickly scan your network and discover all your devices today!

Questions, comments, or feedback? Please email [email protected]

Download the Device42 beta

Download Device42 v15.14 beta today for an all-new auto-discovery experience — NON-PRODUCTION use only! Select the BETA radio button from the update page!

New to Device42? Looking for our latest production update file? Click HERE.


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