Cloud Recommendation Engine Enhancements, New Discovery Reports in v15.15.0

We are excited to announce general availability of Device42 version 15.15.0 with the following enhancements:

Cloud Recommendation Engine Updates

The release of v15.15.0 enhances and expands upon our Cloud Recommendation Engine (CRE). First, we added additional support for the Google Cloud Platform, including additional options and price comparisons.

Meanwhile, pricing data is now refreshed daily, and is presented more clearly. Under the hood, this release includes processing enhancements that should result in noticeably increased responsiveness. Both should result in an improved user experience.

Filtering was also added to give users the ability to target recommendations based on OS, device type as well as by any tags that have been created.
Cloud Recommendation Engine Filters

Discovery Reports

We have added additional pre-defined Reports to our Advanced Reporting engine that can rapidly show discovered information in an easy to use format. We also constructed a Consolidated Discovery Report to make it even easier to get your data pulled into one Excel workbook for easy access.
Consolidate Discovery Report


Resource Utilization Summary in DOQL

Resource Utilization summary data is now available through our query language (DOQL). You will be able to access rolling stats for peak, average and minimum utilization for both CPU and memory. We also added a new view named view_rudata_v1 to access this data.


Additional Updates

  • We now support Resource Utilization on HP/UX devices.
  • OS Name can now exceed 60 characters.
  • Enhanced discovery for NetApp HCI Redfish SNMP, Citrix NetScaler, Ricoh printers, QNAP NAS, Gigamon, Juniper EX4200 virtual chassis, Tripplite console servers, Arista Network switches, and Palo Alto firewalls.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused SNMP jobs to reset service levels in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where a Service Level could incorrectly change if a VM was not found.
  • Fixed a security issue.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an unmatched device not to be saved when discovering cluster devices.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a network share from being properly discovered.

Known Issues

  • When creating reports in the Cloud Recommendation Engine, be sure to click the No tags checkbox if you are not selecting any tags to filter.


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