Automated Windows Discovery Service Updates, API Enhancements in v15.17.02

We are excited to announce the general availability of Device42 v15.17.02 with the following changes:

Automated WDS updates

We introduced WDS (Windows Discovery Service) over a year ago, and since the very beginning the service has auto-updated itself with discovery changes which were shipped with each update. These updates, however, weren’t all-inclusive. Certain technology changes, e.g. changes to WebSocket, occasionally required re-installation of the WDS. We understand the burden this caused, and this release should rectify this.

We’ve moved almost all logic into the auto-updatable portion of the WDS service, and this latest architectural change should make future updates fully automatic. This update does, of course require one last manual re-install 🙂 so that your WDS is migrated to the latest auto-update architecture.

The current D42 update will continue to support the legacy WDS installer for the foreseeable future — but we urge customers to update their WDS at their earliest convenience.

Please download the latest installer from; WDS installation instructions can be found here.

API/DOQL changes

This release includes several API & DOQL enhancements to allow better access to important data:

  • The view view_enduser_in_customer_v1 was added, allowing you to link an end user to an individual customer.
  • The view view_osalias_v1 was added to allow lookups of all aliases for a given operating system (OS) record.
  • All discovery-related API endpoints now include a delete method, allowing you to delete jobs via the API. For example, /api/1.0/auto_discovery/networks/

Hypervisor discovery default options v15.17.02

Default hypervisor discovery options

When creating a new hypervisor discovery job, the default template now has both the “Discover Parts” and “Discover Scheduled Services” options enabled by default. This change does not affect existing jobs; only new jobs will be created with these options enabled.


SNMP discovery

This release adds basic SNMP discovery support for the following hardware:

  • SecureSync devices
  • FMS TimerKeeper devices


Bug fixes

  • Unable to view port connections on rack connectivity layout if a port is connected to a telco circuit via cable. Fixed.
  • Exporting objects with JSON data as CSV produced invalid csv format. Fixed.
  • Some blade devices were being discovered as physical via SNMP discovery. Fixed.
  • Room Layout may take a long time to load if a room contains many racks with many devices in each. Fixed.
  • IP addresses could move between a VM host and a VM during hypervisor discovery. Fixed.
  • Warranty Sync discovery did not always run successfully when scheduled. Fixed.
  • Failed login attempts were not being correctly logged. Fixed.
  • Api_data field in audit log contained python’s unicode syntax. Fixed.
  • Unable to login to Device42 with AD integration under some configurations. Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a 30-day free trial!

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