Reporting Enhancements, Config File Backups in v15.18.01

Software Vulnerabilities Report & Categories in Advanced Reporting
We are excited to announce the general availability of Device42 v15.18.01 with the following changes:

Software Vulnerability Management

As a follow-up to the addition of Software Vulnerability Management (the VulnDB integration), a new “Software Vulnerabilities” report has been added to Advanced Reporting. The report displays all devices that were discovered running software with known vulnerabilities, ordered by the most severe based on the CVSS score (Common Vulnerability Scoring System).

With this information, prioritizing remediations is a breeze – simply start at the top!


Reporting Enhancements

A new organizational structure has been introduced to Advanced Reporting to make finding reports easier. Furthermore, new reports were added and existing ones were tweaked, increasing both the quantity and the quality of available reports.

This effort will continue over the next few months as we get additional feedback from you; if you have an idea or a suggestion, please email [email protected] and let us know about it!


Database Backup/Restore

This release adds an option to support the backup and restore of all appliance system configuration files as part of your regular backup process.  This setting makes it easier to migrate your custom settings exactly as they are to a new, or a backup Device42 appliance.

    Backup Device42 configuration files option
    Restore Device42 configuration files option

Enhanced Nutanix Discovery Support

Nutanix discovery includes enhancements that better support environments containing multiple nodes. With v15.18.01, Device42 discovers all virtual machines running on Nutanix nodes, and will relate them to their proper hosts. In addition, discovery now records additional details about Nutanix-based guests (virtual machines).

The following details are now discovered:

  • Serial no.

  • Cluster info

  • CPU details

  • CPU part info

  • Disk (HDD) parts

  • HBA parts

  • RAM

  • BIOS model & version


SNMP discovery

This release adds SNMP discovery support for the following hardware:

  • AirConsole devices (Name, OS Version info)

  • Aerohive devices

  • M1000e and VRTX blade chassis (CMC firmware information)

  • Qlogic 5602 devices

  • Wyze devices


Bug fixes

  • The create user API was erroneously removing group permissions if a group was specified during user creation. Fixed.

  • Non-super-admin users couldn’t delete their own reports from classic reporting. Fixed.

  • An unhelpful, generic error page was displayed when an SNMP-walk generation errored. Fixed.

  • OS version of CentOS-based systems was not always reported in full. Fixed.

  • With MT enabled, custom fields on secrets were not updating via the API. Fixed.

  • Windows auto-discovery using LAPS may fail authentication if not using administrator user. Fixed.

  • Affinity Group processing may not run after a failure until system is restart. Fixed.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @

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