Upcoming Freshservice Integration and more in v16.12.00

Upcoming Freshservice Integration

Our Freshservice integration is currently working its way through approval on the Freshservice app store, but will allow users to directly integrate their Device42 and Freshservice applications to synchronize Device42 assets and impact topologies directly with Freshservice.

Users will now be able to see imported Device42 records in Freshservice.

In addition to any fields automatically synced, a Device42 panel allows you to see any extended CI attributes that are available on the record in Device42.

System dependencies and relationships will also be imported from Device42’s Affinity Groups and Business Applications.

If you’re using Software Discovery in Device42, you’ll also be able to track software versions and installation locations from Freshservice.

Email us at [email protected] for more information about the Freshservice integration or to request a demo.

Support for On-Prem ServiceNow Instances

Device42 now offers more flexibility for ServiceNow users. With release 16.12.00, Device42 can now integrate with both on-premise and cloud service ServiceNow deployments. Device42 has been updated to support this on-premise method of integration, and our ServiceNow application is currently going through the approval process in the store. Email us at [email protected] for more information or to request a demo.

Additional Updates

  • Device42 Jira Cloud Integration now supports Jira Next-Gen Projects.
  • We’ve updated our default reports to include enhancements to mainframe and midrange reports.
  • We’ve enhanced SNMP discovery for Huawei FusionServer 2288H V5 devices to include serial number and corrected the hardware model display.
  • Added support for PureStorage FA-420 appliances through SNMP discovery.
  • AVTech Monitoring devices are now discoverable through SNMP.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve improved our Windows discovery to include security updates that were missed in some cases in the past.
  • We fixed an issue where lifecycle dates were not being included properly in classic device reports.
  • We’ve fixed a potential memory leak in Windows agent discoveries when virtual machine discovery was enabled.
  • Some users with iSeries/AS400 discoveries were having issues with username lengths being too long, this has been resolved.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that resulted in some connections to SQLPlus not being closed properly during application discovery.

Advanced Reporting Issue

The v16.12.00 Advanced Reporting feature will break client custom reports that use boolean column filters. Clients will have to modify their custom advanced reports that use boolean filters as shown below.

Existing Boolean Filter

Modified Boolean Filter



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