Expanded Cloud Discovery and more in v16.13.00

Cloud Discovery Expanded to PaaS Resources in 16.13.00

Device42 is excited to announce our cloud autodiscovery has gone through a major overhaul to pull in more of your cloud infrastructure. Our new cloud discovery capabilities enable users to discover more of their cloud infrastructure and *aaS services across cloud providers. In addition to the current in-depth support for your cloud compute infrastructure (EC2 instances, Azure VMs, GCP VM Instances, etc.), Device42 will now discover detailed information for your block-level and file-level storage services and DNS information across AWS.

The initial release of these enhancements is going to be available directly through our DOQL views and API for quick data extraction and will not initially have UI fields. In a subsequent release, we will be revealing our new resource model to fully support cloud resources.

Contact [email protected] for more information about enabling expanded cloud discovery.

Additional Updates

  • Added API endpoints for positioning an asset in a data center room.
  • Custom Field Notes have been added to our DOQL views.
  • Device42 has verified support for VMWare v7.0 for Hypervisor discovery jobs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in oVirt discovery that resulted in incorrect CPU, RAM and HDD details being discovered.
  • In some cases, UCS discovery would not update devices with new service levels when decommissioned; this is fixed.
  • Resolved an issue with password-protected openssh key-based authentication.
  • The Discover All Projects/Tenants option in Openstack discovery was failing to discover all projects in some cases; this is fixed.


  • There were some legacy miscellaneous functions that had been moved to Tools > Templates & Bulk Operations > Misc Functions. Since these have been replaced with better functionality within Device42, the legacy tools will be removed in the next release, version 16.14.00.



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