Improved Windows Listener Service Discovery and more in v16.13.02

Improved Windows Listener Service Discovery

In 16.13.02 we’re introducing changes to the discovery process that will change the manner in which we create “Undiscovered Listening Services” when discovering Windows infrastructure through WMI. IPv6 “::” local listeners will now always have an associated “” listener created on that port for the service instance record.
This will allow us to properly match connection information of listeners and clients to their respective IPv4 or IPv6 IP_Address:Port combination, preventing the creation of unnecessary “Undiscovered Listening Services”.

SAP Hana Application Discovery Issue Resolved

Device42 v16.13.02 resolves an issue in which SAP Hana application instances were not being discovered correctly in some cases. Discovery now correctly identifies the SAP Hana application and creates a D42 Application Component for SAP Hana on devices on which it is discovered.




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