z/OS Mainframe Discovery Improvements and more in v16.14.02

z/OS Mainframe Discovery Improvement

Device42’s Hypervisor/*nix auto-discovery for z/OS mainframe platforms has been improved to ensure full discovery execution timing so that all mainframe results are returned to the Device42 main appliance (MA) database.

Bug Fixes

  • The Device42 internal database has been improved to better handle and distinguish RU data received from remote collectors (RCs) during auto-discovery jobs.
  • An issue in which auto-discoveries in environments with SAML enabled were failing has been resolved.
  • An issue in which SNMP auto-discovery jobs were not successfully compressing discovery data payloads has been resolved. A related issue in which small discovery data payloads were incorrectly being compressed has also been resolved.
  • An issue in which RU data received from remote collectors (RCs) was being immediately processed (and causing timeout errors) rather than by using queue-based processing has been resolved.
  • An issue in which remote collectors (RCs) would unexpectedly disconnect and were not able to reconnect to their main appliance has been resolved.


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