User Experience Enhancements and more in v16.20.00

Update Overview

Enhancing user experience is a key theme for Device42 development this year and into 2021. Making Device42 easier to understand increases the value our customers gain from the product, and also exposes useful and powerful features that may have previously been challenging to locate and use. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the release of v16.20.00 with the first work in these areas, along with some additional changes and updates to our discovery services. We will continue to innovate in this area as 2021 proceeds, and we look forward to your feedback.

New Menus, Announcements and Feature Guides

Device42 has redesigned its menus to make it easier to navigate to pages, functions, and tools and has also added a Device42 Resources option that provides access to Announcements and New Feature Guides (which currently include recent Device Type and Business Application updates – additional Features Guides will be added in the future).

Use Global Settings > Misc. Settings in the Device42 Appliance Manager to enable Feature Guides.

vSphere Tags Discovery as Custom Fields

Device42 Hypervisor/*nix /Windows discovery for VMware now supports discovery of vSphere tags as custom fields. You can also choose how the vendor tags are added as custom fields. This additional capability creates custom fields using VMware’s category and tag values as key:value pair and aligns with how vSphere tags are used and applied.

New Subnet Action Menu Options

Customers can now add IPs to an existing subnet using the new Background Populate Subnets with IPs command from the Subnets Action menu. When deleting a subnet (Delete with Detailed Confirmation), customers can also now choose to add the associated IPs to the parent subnet (if one exists). This feature helps when doing maintenance on subnets where moving from a smaller to larger subnet is desired without removing or recreating the associated IP addresses.

New Discovery Scores Retention Option

Customers can now choose how long Device42 retains Discovery Scores. To configure, select Tools > Settings > Global Settings, scroll to the Miscellaneous section, and enter a value of from 1 to 7 days. When not configured the default is 7 days. For organizations with frequent discovery jobs creating large numbers of discovery scores or those who don’t often utilize discovery scores, this will help improve overall performance and CPU usage.

Device Ignore Rules Now Support Tags

You can now define Device Ignore Rules based on device tags in addition to Device Name, OS Name, Mac Address prefix, or Hardware model. There are also two new additional options, Text length match type and Text case match type you can use to further refine the Ignore Rule. This will allow you to ignore bringing in devices and taking up a license during discovery based on tags from systems that allow tagging of resources such as AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, etc.

Additional SNMP Discovery Device Support

Device42 SNMP discovery now supports discovery of the following devices:

  • Ciena 6500
  • Delta Rectifier
  • Lucera FS S3900
  • Nokia FX4
  • Tripplite SRCOOL

Bug Fixes

  • An issue in which some customers saw high CPU usage related to discovery jobs and discovery score retention after upgrading to v16.15.00 has been resolved.




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