Application Dependency Mapping Improvements, CRE Support for VMware AWS, Carbonite Migrate Integration Update, and more in v16.22.00

Update Overview

Device42 v16.22.00 includes improvements to Application Dependency Mapping, new Cloud Recommendation Engine (CRE) support for VMware on AWS, an updated Carbonite Migrate integration user interface, and multiple bug fixes.

Application Dependency Mapping Improvements

Device42 now automatically categorizes application components by the following categories: Database, Application Layer, Web Server, Load Balancer, and Other. You can filter the list page based on application component category, and can categorize your custom components as well.

Application Component Categories are now also used in Affinity Groups. Any Application Component Categories associated with a device used to create an Affinity Group will be associated with the Affinity Group. You can now quickly drill down to your discovered database impact Affinity Groups or web server dependency Affinity Groups at the click of a button.

New Homepage Application Widgets

The Device42 homepage now includes new application widgets for insight into the various Application Components you have in Device42. A pie chart shows you the number of components you have across our Application Component categories, and a statistics widget displays the total number of components, affinity groups, business applications and databases. You can click the links in either widget to display lists of the different application component types.

Cloud Recommendation Engine Support for VMware Cloud on AWS

Device42’s Cloud Recommendation Engine (CRE), which provides customers with details needed to plan a cloud migration and compare costs between different cloud platforms, now supports analysis for VMware Cloud on AWS. VMWare Cloud on AWS can provide quick and easy access to additional capacity without the need to procure, setup, and manage additional equipment in-house.

CRE continues to support analysis for the AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle cloud platforms. See the Cloud Recommendation Engine documentation page for more information.

Carbonite Windows Server Migration

Device42 has updated its Carbonite Migration integration to make it easier to migrate Windows servers and control migration jobs. With Carbonite Migrate and Device42, you can move data, applications or entire servers between clouds and physical and virtual platforms. You can create and verify migration jobs before running them and select and change job options for existing jobs from within Device42. See the Carbonite Migration documentation page for more information.

 Cloning Discovery Jobs

You can now clone autodiscovery jobs while editing a job to create a copy of the job with all its settings, which lets you replicate the job without having to manually re-enter all the job details. You can then modify the cloned job for your specific purposes. Click on a discovery Job Name in a View listing to select the job you want to clone and then click Edit. Click the ellipse menu in edit mode and then click Clone Job.

Upcoming New Feature Previews

Previews of upcoming feature beta versions for Storage Array discovery (as part of our integration of ArrayIQ into Device42 Storage Discovery), our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, and our the new and improved User Interface that we will be introducing to highlight these new components are available in v16.22.00. Please contact Device42 Support at [email protected] to enable these feature previews.

When enabled, Storage Array is available as a Discovery option and also as an option in the Resources menu.

When the PaaS feature is enabled and the right policies are applied, Device42 can discover PaaS services like RDS and S3 from AWS, SQL server from Azure along with Cloud SQL from Google Cloud.

TLS Setting Change Scheduled for Upcoming v16.23.00 Release

As part of the next upcoming release, v16.23.00, all users will be upgraded to TLS v1.2 by default for the Appliance Manager and Device42. Users will still be able to change their setting to Enable TLS v.1.1 and v1.2 or Enable All TLS.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue in which discovered MSSQL database instance information was sometimes not being populated correctly has been resolved.
  • An issue in which two menu options in the Device42 VM Console were sometimes not functioning correctly has been resolved.
  • An issue in which DNS Zone Sync discovery jobs with the Auto Delete Enabled option selected were sometimes not deleting old DNS records has been resolved. A related issue in which DNS Sync jobs were sometimes not functioning correctly has also been resolved.
  • An issue in which linked Zendesk tickets for devices, buildings, and rooms were only visible when editing those items (and not in view mode) has been resolved.
  • An issue in which uploading a file attachment for a purchase record was sometimes unsuccessful has been resolved.
  • An issue in which the IP NAT import template was sometimes failing to import data correctly has been resolved.
  • An issue in which the Use Global Ignore Software File and Use Global Ignore Software Pattern File options in the Win/*nix Ignore Settings section of Tools > Global Setting were sometimes not functioning correctly has been resolved.
  • An issue in which selecting the Global Settings > Set Proxy option in the Appliance Manage caused an error has been resolved.
  • An issue in which the ServiceNow integration was sometimes not functioning correctly after upgrading from v16.07.00 has been resolved.
  • An issue in which authorization was sometimes failing during backup/restore operation has been resolved. A related issue in which the Main Appliance UI was sometimes unavailable after a restore has been resolved.
  • An issue in which selecting the Tools > Column Lists command was sometimes generating an error has been resolved.
  •  An issue in which the retention limit (normally seven days by default) for discovery job scores was sometimes not functioning correctly has been resolved.





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