Enhanced Business Application Functionality and more in v17.02.00

Enhanced Business Application Functionality and more in v17.02.00

Update Overview

As part of our effort to expand application dependency analysis for our customers, Device42 v17.02.00 includes enhancements to our Business Application functionality and editing canvas. v17.02.00 also includes updates to storage array and SNMP discovery, licensing details, Advanced Reporting, the Device42 main appliance OS, and multiple bug fixes. Note: This update can potentially take up to 30 minutes longer than an average Device42 update in some cases due to a number of underlying changes.

Business Applications and Application Components

You can now add Application Components to the Business Applications you create or edit on the canvas to better define the relationships between your business applications and their components and devices. You can search for application components by name or by their associated devices.

The editing canvas has also been updated to provide a cleaner and less cluttered editing environment.

Device42 Licensing Page Update

The Device42 Licensing page now displays license details based on License Units rather than the number of devices or IPs. The page lists which licenses are enabled and the license unit component breakdown and totals.

Advanced Reporting Improvements

The Device42 Advanced Reporting features an improved interface that makes it easier to navigate, create, and generate reports. The report canvas makes it easy to assemble and customize your reports.

Devices List Page UI Improvement Beta Preview

Device42 v17.02.00 includes a beta preview of the improved user interface for the Resources > All Compute devices list page. The new list page also includes the Advanced Search function you can use to create reusable custom searches. Please contact [email protected] to enable the beta UI for the devices page.

Additional Storage Array Discovery Platform Support

Storage Array autodiscovery now supports the following additional platforms:

  • Nutanix
  • HP Nimble
  • HDS G1000

Additional SNMP Autodiscovery Device Support

SNMP autodiscovery now supports discovery of the following devices:

  • Cisco WLC Wireless Controller
  • UTEPO Industrial Switch
  • Cisco Prime (PIUCSAPLK9)
  • Casa System C-100G
  • Dell S5248
  • Cisco Firepower Firewall
  • ADVA FSP150-XG210
  • Opengear

Main Appliance Operating System Upgrade

The Device42 main appliance operating system has been upgraded to the latest stable CentOS 7 version to ensure improved performance and enhanced security. As always, you should be taking hypervisor-level snapshots prior to applying any upgrades to Device42.

v17.02.00 Cut Off Release Notice

Device42 v17.02.00 is an upgrade cut off release. We are taking this step to reduce the size of our upgrade package. All customers will be required to upgrade to v17.02.00 to be able to apply future releases going forward.

Known Issues

A known issue with Advanced Reports scheduling may generate an error when you attempt to save the report schedule. The workaround for the problem is to enter Schedule Time settings in the Schedule Report wizard, but then be sure to uncheck the Repeat Every checkbox before clicking Finish to save the schedule.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue in which the main appliance was sometimes not accepting large device data payloads has been resolved.
  • An issue in which AWS cloud discovery jobs were sometimes not completing successfully has been resolved.
  • An issue in which the device POST API was sometimes not correctly updating the device URL has been resolved.
  • An issue in which SNMP discovery and  TCP Port Scan jobs were sometimes not correctly updating discovery scores or the jobs dashboard has been resolved.
  • An issue in which Warranty Sync discovery jobs for Meraki hardware models were sometimes returning an incorrect Start Date has been resolved.
  • An issue in which Classic Reports device reports were sometimes exporting tags with additional incorrect characters in them to Excel has been resolved.
  • An issue in which SNMP discovery for Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Switch was sometimes not returning the switch serial number has been resolved.
  • An issue in which SNMP discovery was sometimes not returning correct data for Nokia devices has been resolved.
  • An issue in which discovery of Clavister firewalls was sometimes not successful has been resolved.
  • An issue in which Citrix/Xen discovery returns data for powered-off VMs even when the Ignore Powered Off Vms option is enabled for the job has been resolved.
  • An issue in which power unit sorting was sometimes corrupted when multitenancy was enabled has been resolved.
  • An issue in which a restore would sometimes fail if an object attachment contained international characters has been resolved.
  • An issue with TCP Port Scan jobs not creating jobs due to character limitations has been resolved.
  • An issue with Storage Discovery Isilon reporting RU data has been resolved.




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