Enhanced SNMP Device Discovery in Remote Collector v17.07.02 Release

Release Date: November 1, 2021

Release Overview

This Remote Collector v17.07.02 release inaugurates Device42’s new release cadence in which Main Appliance (MA) and Remote Collector (RC) software updates will be released separately. MA releases are now scheduled to occur every six weeks, and RC releases are now scheduled to occur every two weeks. The most recent MA update was v17.07.00, released October 19,2021.

For more information, see the Main Appliance & Remote Collector FAQ docs page.

Enhanced SNMP Device Discovery

The v17.07.02 RC provides enhanced SNMP discovery for the following devices that now returns additional information for the devices.

  • Netscaler SDX/VPX
  • Tripplite PDU
  • Brocade Switches
  • Juniper PSA3000

Remote Collector Download Image Update

Our Remote Collector OVF download image now specifies 4 GB RAM memory and 2 vCPU as its default environment settings for improved RC performance. If you are creating a new RC, please start with the new updated image that you can download from https://www.device42.com/autodiscovery/.